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ORELAP Cert No. 4092-005
OLCC No. 1002158CD2E

Marijuana Potency Analysis by
High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Testing Accreditation #: 4092-005 Test Certificate #: 136694-001
Client Name, Sample Details

Biosync Industries llc
Oakland, OR 97462
Sample: Strawberry Shortcake
License: Ag-r1050974ihg
Type: Industrial Hemp
Method: FE04U HPLC-UV
***Moisture: 9.78%

Test Conditions

Scale: XS205-OR1
Temp: 21.9 °C
Baro Pressure: 1004 hPa
Analyst: TMR
Technician: TMR

Sample ID#: 136694

Harvest/Process Date: 05/25/2022
Date Received: 05/25/2022
Test Date: 05/27/2022

Sample #136694
Total THC Total CBD Calc Max Total
Amount (%) 0.06 0.38 1.33 17.46 N/D 0.07 0.27 N/D N/D 19.57 0.39 16.64 17.37
Amount (mg/g) 0.57 3.78 13.27 174.62 N/D 0.71 2.72 N/D N/D 195.67 3.89 166.41 173.73
Amount per Serving (mg) N\D N\D N\D N\D N\D N\D N\D N\D N\D 0.00 Serving Size~ (g): 0.00
LOQ (mg/g) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1   %Decarb. THC CBD
±%RPD +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% 13 7

The amount of each test compound in the table above has been correct for moisture content and are reported on a "dry weight basis.

LOQ = Limit of Quantitation; %RPD = Relative Percent Deviation; %RSD = Relative Standard Deviation; N/D = Not Detected

*Designates values that are not currently included in the accredited scope of Iron Laboratories.

*** Designates tests that use the method FE-45. FE-45 is performed using AOAC 966.02 and 32.004-32.009. FE-45 has relative expanded (k=2) uncertainties of 1.098% for moisture, 1.754% for water activity for unprocessed plant materials, and 13.102% for water activity for infused products. Vitamin E acetate analysis has a relative expanded (k=2) uncertainty of 18.614%.

Total THC and CBD is the calculated sum of THC or CBD and the amount of THC or CBD derived from THCA or CBDA, respectively. These values are calculated by applying a molar correction factor of 0.877 to the THCA or the CBDA value. Calc Max Total Cannabinoids is the sum of Total THC, Total CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, THCV, and CBDV.

%Decarb. THC and CBD refer to the percentage of THC or CBD relative to THCA or CBDA, respectively.

This sample has not been tested according to OAR 333-007. These results should therefore be used for research and development or quality control purposes only.

This certificate shall not be reproduced except in full, without written approval of Iron Laboratories, LLC.

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Iron Labs Oregon complies with 2009 TNI Environmental Laboratory Standards.

Tested by Iron Laboratories Oregon, 71 Centennial Loop Suite D Eugene, OR 97401

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