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ORELAP Cert No. 4092-002
OLCC No. 1002158CD2E

Marijuana Potency Analysis by
High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Testing Accreditation #: 4092-002 Test Certificate #: 111392-001
Client Name, Sample Details

Bradley Porter
Eugene, OR 97404
Sample: Uncle Rick's
Type: Extract
Method: FE04C-OR4 HPLC1100-OR1

Test Conditions

Scale: XS205-OR1
Temp: 21.6 °C
Baro Pressure: 1001 hPa
Analyst: HRM
Technician: EDT

Sample ID#: 111392

Batch #: 111392
Harvest/Process Date: 09/12/2018
Serving Size (g): 0.1
Package Weight (g):1
Date Received: 09/10/2018
Test Date: 09/13/2018

Sample #111392
Avg. Amount N/D 2.02 mg/g 2.42 mg/g 8.93 mg/g 12.43 mg/g 29.19 mg/g 302.32 mg/g 1.42 mg/g 3.01 mg/g CBD 4.19 mg/g
LOQ 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g 0.01 mg/g THC 303.57 mg/g
Amount per Serving~ N/D 0.20 mg/srv 0.24 mg/srv 0.89 mg/srv 1.24 mg/srv 2.92 mg/srv 30.23 mg/srv 0.14 mg/srv 0.30 mg/srv Serving Size~ (g): 0.10 g
Uncertainty ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD ±5% RPD

LOQ = Limit of Quantitation

RPD is relative percent difference between the LCS and LCS duplicate.

%RPD = Relative Percent Difference; Min. Value = Minimum Detectable Amount, CFU = Colony Forming Units, N/D = Not Detected

*** Designated tests that use the method FE-45.

Total CBD or THC is the calculated sum of CBD or THC and the amount of CBD or THC derived from CBDA or THCA, respectively. These values are calculated by adding a molar correction factor of 0.877 to the CBDA or THCA value.

Calc. Avg. is the calculated average of total CBD or total THC for all increments tested.

SOP FE-01-OR9 was used in accordance with OAR 333-007 for sampling. All marijuana items are sampled and tested in accordance with OAR 333-007-0300 to 333-007-490 and OAR 333-064-0100 to 333-064-0110.

This certificate shall not be reproduced except in full, without written approval of Iron Laboratories, LLC.

Joseph Rutowski Iron laboratories Joseph Rutowski

Iron Labs Oregon complies with 2009 TNI Environmental Laboratory Standards.

Tested by Iron Laboratories Oregon, 71 Centennial Loop Suite D Eugene, OR 97401

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